Why choose Swaneer franchise?

  • Modest Capital

    Our nature of business ensures that your growth goals are not outstripped by your ability to fund them.

  • Motivated Management

    Our commitment is genuine as we realize the positive influence of growth and compensation in terms of profits.

  • Market Penetration

    Markets are opening to the idea of water conservation as many people move to becoming water self-sufficient.

About Swaneer

A business opportunity that makes financial and ecological sense as well.

Imagine owning a business and making a profound impact on the lives of people in your community. As a part of Swaneer family, you will experience the rewards of a growing environmentally conscious product, less explored markets, and little competition.

Swaneer franchise opportunity is unique as our offer is that of the equals. We realise that growth lies in our partnership and will endeavour to provide as much assistance as possible to you in establishing, running and enhancing your business.

To discover more about being an Ecopreneur and partnering with Swaneer

Succeed with a
nature-loving business

"Ecopreneurs are smart, ambitious and passionate individuals who convert environment issues into business opportunity and create green values every day."

The world needs Ecopreneurs. And, Swaneer gives you the opportunity to become an Ecopreneur by transferring the experience we gained since 2008. We are armed with tested technologies, a passionate team and powerful marketing tools to offer you a significant and growing market presence. Commitment to preserving nature, enthusiasm to help, and innovation in product development set the benchmark at Swaneer and for the future Ecopreneurs to follow.

10 reasons to join the network of Ecopreneurs

  • Nature-friendly business

  • Infinite market potential

  • Shortest lead time and conversion rate

  • Product range starts from 10K

  • Fast turn over and brand value building

  • First mover advantage in commercial space

  • Innovative design and development

  • Modest investment

  • 1 crore litres capacity under development

  • Minimum policies and regulations


Why should I be an Ecopreneur?

We work towards improving our environment and help fellow citizens to live in a water positive economy. Also, the return on investment is promising as the business can serve millions of customers across the country.

Am I a right fit, if I don’t know about Hydrogeology and water-related terms?

What are the skills required?

A certain set of skills such as willingness to learn, confidence, perseverance, courage and Love for Nature & Nation can help you become a successful Ecopreneur.

What is the investment?

We have a single fee structure for our franchise business. Please write to us or call to know more about it.

How much profit can I make from being an Ecopreneur?

Some of the markets are yet to open to the idea of water conservation. Also, water shortage is reaching historic records, and our solution addresses it permanently. Therefore, demand can be seen as an indication of our profit-making business.

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We are happy to hear from you and will respond promptly within 3 business days. And, that's a commitment.

Call Us or Fill the Form

We are happy to hear from you and will respond promptly within 3 business days. And, that's a commitment.