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A great story continues here. Ten years ago, it began, as many great stories do, with an idea. At the time, our nation was witnessing frequent events of drought and floods. Setu Shah, a real estate developer by trade and an ardent advocate of ancient conservative methods, deliberated over our simmering water crisis and employed a nature-friendly tactical solution. Moved by the results and meteoric success, like-minded and devoted environmentalists joined his efforts and shared his vision. Today, the movement is beyond a few individuals and functions as an independent, proud firm conserving water by offering integrated solutions.

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About Swaneer

"We have absolutely zero alternatives to water. And, I am relentless in my effort to save every drop of it." – Setu Shah

Move forward with one of the best water management systems.

We go beyond water conservation. Our focus is not only on the environmental aspect of the business but also on the creation of long-term customer relationships. Our team closely attends all the needs and expectations of our every client to offer the best of our product experience.

Our Mission

Our mission is to continue to collaboratively revolutionize alternative ideas and methods to conserve water and to approach our responsibility with passion and commitment.

Our Vision

To be the most innovative, environment-friendly, consumer and employee-driven water management company in India.

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Vision & Mission

As a company, we realize our fundamental responsibility to support the nature and local-communities.

In less than ten years, Swaneer has grown from a passionate individual to a consortium of scientists, researchers, and hydro-geologists. Our inclusive service offering has enabled us to become one of the largest integrated water management businesses in India.

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Our Experienced Team

Setu Shah
Chief Passion Ignitor

Setu Shah's passion for water conservation can be traced back to 2008, where he disowned his thriving real estate business and spent significant time working on ancient methods to saving water. He has successfully installed 700+ systems and specializes in all aspects of water management.

Nikunj Dave
Viceroy of R&D

A pioneer in the Precast Concrete space, Nikunj Dave has an MS in Construction Engineering from N.C. State University, USA. He spent more than ten years developing 1000 plus products in the Precast Concrete space before actively pursuing his research and development in the formulation of special concrete for special purposes.

Archit Shah
Money Maestro

Archit Shah is a qualified (AIR-3) Chartered Accountant and an MBA finance professional. He gained tremendous experience working as a Finance professional at Reliance Industries and has over seven years of consulting background in the course of becoming an expert Finance and Corporate Advisor.

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